Organization Week: Laundry Area

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm going to try something new this week...a theme! All of my posts this week will be about organization. Nothing too intense just a few things that I've been working on around our house. I am by no means an organization expert but I do the best I can to make things work for us. So, without further we go!

Our laundry area is very small. For starters, it's shared with our pantry which I think is a little weird but that's what we're working with. But the main issue for me is that it lacks easy storage options so the measly two shelves we have are always looking like a hot mess! Lately I've been noticing a lot of pretty laundry rooms and while I don't have a whole room to spruce up I decided that I could tackle my organization issues.

Here's a before picture:

As you can see we have all sorts of random goodies in there. Beach towels, a coffee maker (it's only for guests because we aren't coffee drinkers), power tools, and even miscellaneous d├ęcor items. Oh, and lets not forget actual laundry-doing supplies!

I decided that the best thing to do was get everything down and survey what I was working with. Quite a mess huh?!

I purchased this set of storage boxes from Walmart. They were only $9 for all three and included the lids! I thought that was pretty reasonable. And they literally snap together...too cute. Here's how I used the boxes:

After I filled my containers I was pretty much done. Just put them up on the shelves with a few other things we store. I also added a white bin that can store my 'hand wash only' items while they wait to be washed (I was Dryel so I wait for 3-4 items). Here's an after shot:

I'm super pleased with the progress and it was quick and easy. And it's extra nice since visitors are in there all the time since there's food on the otherside of the room - no more eye sore for company! Wahooo!! What do you think? Have you been working on any of your own laundry area/room projects?


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