And the chair rail bites the dust! - Part 2

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Over the weekend I started ripping off the chair rail in the guest bedroom and got everything all prepped for painting. I had some leftover paint from when we originally painted so it was time to get at it!

Here's the walls after being prepped and just waiting for paint.

I put on one coat of paint and felt a little nervous. It still looked like a mess. Partly because it wasn't all the way dry and also because you could still see the line where the trim had been.

Even though I knew the paint wasn't all the way dry it was making me really nervous because it was drying dark. I was afraid that being out in the garage had somehow messed up our paint and I was going to have to repaint the entire room. I decided to keep working and hope for the best though. Loren helped me out with scraping around the wall again to make sure everything was all smoothed out. Once that was done I went ahead with the second coat of paint.

Thank goodness I did because it worked! After letting the paint dry overnight it looked awesome! There's a few small areas where we can see a line but I think it's because we know where to look for it...if you just walk into the room it's definitely not noticeable. Take a look:

I'm so happy that I did this. A little mad that I waited so long, especially since painting with that stupid trim in the middle of the wall was so annoying! I'm much happier with the space now and ready to bring in a headboard!

What do you think? Big improvement or not? Or have you been working on any trim projects lately? I think trim work can be a little tricky so I'd love to hear about any projects you've worked on!


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