A small bathroom spruce

Monday, October 11, 2010

To be perfectly honest, our guest bathroom doesn't get a lot of attention. In fact, when we don't have guests staying with us the space is just used for Sookie's litterbox! I had painted and fixed it up a bit last year but always felt like there was a little something lacking. I decided that I wanted to pick up some metal candle holders or something similar. The only problem was that everything I found was way too expenisve for me. I have a knack for always managing to find the most expensive items to love but my inner cheapie just can't take it. Finally, I was browsing T.J. Maxx and saw a lovely little set of metal candle hangings! For $12.99!!! I took them home.

Here's what I got:

And this is the space beforehand:

All it took was a few big ol' nails in the wall and I was in business. I hung these babies up all by myself. Once they were up I just added some votives that I already had on hand. And done!

It's not anything super fancy but I think it completes the space a bit more so I'm happy with the end result. Plus it was quick, cheap, and easy (that's what she said!). Anyone else been doing any quick pick-me-ups!?


  1. Looks great! I always feel like a space is unfinished until I get something on the wall :)

  2. The sconces look great! The shower curtain could use a little once over with the iron though. Sorry, I'm a stickler about that just out of the package look.

  3. Daria,
    You are so right! I obivously never got around to it and noticed how bad it looked when I took these photos! Thanks for reading! :)

    xo- K


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