Moss be gone

Monday, May 16, 2011

One of the fun things homeowners in the Pacific Northwest get to deal with is this:

Yep. That's a whole bunch of moss on top of our garage. Moss can be pretty and almost magical looking in a pretty outdoor setting but not when it's on your garage. Then it's ugly. And will make you feel angry and worried that you're going to get a nasty gram from your HOA. No one likes that. Loren decided to tackle this little project while I was busy getting my paint on with our flower pots. I don't think he'd say it was difficult just annoying. He used our little putty knife and a brush (that I think used to be a broom head) and got to scraping.

It was slow going but it's done now and looks a million times better. Take that moss!

That's Loren's "I just kicked your butt" pose. I like it. We're planning to spray some anti-moss stuff up onto our shingles but we'd like to stop raining long enough to actually stick to the roof...lameo. Anyone else out there dealing with this sort of thing? It was new to me when we moved to this area. I hope it never returns! :)


  1. Good job you Ayotte's! I like the victory pose :P

  2. haha - you have a good one! The roof looks so clean now :) I had no idea that moss grew on roofs!


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