A to-do list update

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back in January I shared my new year to-do list with you. Here's an updated list:

1. Get kitchen cabinet trim installed.
2. Curtains for the living room.
3. Make a shower curtain for a oddly-sized bathtub.
4. Decorate the buffet in the dining room.
5. Paint the master bedroom.
6. Make a headboard for the guest room.
7. Get a ceiling light installed in our master bedroom.
8. Refinish our coffee table.

I have to say, I was not super successful at getting things finished. But to make excuses for myself (what?! That's allowed!) I did tackle a few other things that weren't on the list. And have a plan for the rest...a plan to finish the plan!

Anyway, I count the living room curtains as being complete because I'm thinking there will never be any living room curtains. I tried and it didn't work (you can read about that debacle here). The curtains for the living room are now in the dining room.

The dining room buffet has been worked on but isn't quite finished. We hung a photo ledge and I have a few little items on the buffet itself. I have plans for the floral pictures that are hanging on the sides of the buffet so hopefully I'll be able to get that finished up in the next few weeks.

We've been happily showerin' with the lovely new shower curtain. I was so stoked with the way it turned out and honestly feel pretty pleased with myself every time I see it. It was sort of a pain in the rear dealing with all that fabric, the sewing machine, and my very minimal sewing skills but totally worth it.

The headboard for the guest room turned out to be quite the task. I had planned to just make a headboard that went with our existing bedding but things quickly escalated into a whole room makeover. First came new bedding, then re-painting the room, THEN making the headboard. It turned out so nice though and I'm hoping that our guests will sleep even cozier now.

That's the status of the list. We do have an electrician coming to give an estimate on installing the master bedroom light. I put the painting of the bedroom on hold because it's so poorly lit right now it's IMPOSSIBLE to choose a paint color. And now that it's not 20 degrees outside it should be easier to get busy on refinishing the coffee table. Plus, a few new ideas to start working on...guess I better get busy! :) Anyone else dealing with an overdue to-do list? I'd love to see what you're up to!


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