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Thursday, July 28, 2011

For the four and a half years that we've lived in this house I have hated the lack of overhead lighting in our master bedroom. It was so dark in there which would really drive me batty when I was trying to pack a suitcase.

The past few months we finally got our booties in gear and started calling some electricians. During this process I've learned that electricians are a tricky bunch. You can call them, make appointments with them, and they'll just blow you off. Nice huh?! Just when I was about to lose my mind completely my sweet Loren got a recommendation from a coworker. And the best part about it was that the recommender does his research so we knew this electrician was legit. Yay for not burning the house down! AND he answered his phone. AND showed up to our house ON TIME! After he worked his magic we were left with a fancy new lightswitch (okay, it's not fancy just has two switches) and this lovely little box in the ceiling.

Pretty huh?! He did such a good job and was a tidy little worker too. Now it was hubby's turn to get to work. We've had the light fixture since uhh, February maybe? Loren installed it pretty quick and then it was showtime! Let there be light!!

Yay!! I'm so super jazzed about having this light in our room. It makes such a difference. I actually wanted to pack a bag today just for fun. Then I remembered that I'd just unpacked a bag (more on that another day). Oh well, point is...I can see everything very clearly now. And I like it.

Anyone else been working on a lighting project? Or living in a dark, dreary dungeon room for four years?! :) Tell me all about it!

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  1. Looks great, Boo! Our home is luckily decked out to the nines with lighting, but I've been in apartments where that wasn't the case, and hated it! I can't understand why it wouldn't just all come standard, but who knows. Either way - great job!!


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