Back Door Quickie

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last summer I a lot of energy sprucing up our backyard, including painting the back door. This year the backyard hasn't been getting as much attention but I did notice that some areas seemed more neglected than others. The wood trim around the door was looking pretty shabby. It had been looking gross for awhile but I just kept ignoring it.

Over the weekend I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. That's not totally true; I was actually feeling extremely lazy but still wanting to accomplish something. This was the easiest something. :) Anyway, I grabbed some sandpaper and a putty knife and got to work. I used the putty knife to scrape off all the loose paint that was chipping off and then filled in any major gaps with wood filler. Once I finished that step I gave all the trim a good sanding. I've been using this little sanding contraption from 3M:

I like it because it keeps the sandpaper from touching my fingers (which I hate) but Loren has used it before and doesn't like it because the handle rotates and it would move when he didn't want it to. That was all a side note to say, I didn't take any pictures after the prep was done. I forgot and just started painting. I just used the leftover paint from when we painted all the outside trim a few years ago. Here's the door all fixed up.

I feel like it's a major improvement. No more eye sore every time we walk in the door. It's not perfect but I did the best I could. Me and sanding/patching aren't the greatest of friends but even Loren gave it his stamp of approval. Always a win in my book! :) Anyone else been painting any trim? Indoors or out? I feel like it's a very annoying task but provides an excellent result.


  1. nice title!~ hahaha....

  2. I found your blog via Katie Bower over at Bower Power and I just had to comment: Love the post title! Great blog!


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