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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last year I spent some time working on our guest bedroom; we painted, changed up the bedding, added a DIY headboard, revamped some nightstands, and added some new bedside lamps. While I'm happy with the progress I still didn't have much hanging on the walls (this is the only tiny little thing). I still have a couple DIY ideas in mind for some art work but I saw this pretty mirror at Michael's and thought it would be just perfect.

The mirror was originally priced $89.99 but as any good Michael's shopper knows...it'll go on sale. I noticed one before Christmas that it was marked down 50%, I almost bought it on the spot but I felt a little guilty since I was only suppose to be buying Christmas stuff. So I left the store mirror-less but a day or two later received a sign it was meant to be. A coupon. Not only a coupon, but one that could be used on items already on sale! Wahoo!! I went back that weekend, the mirror was still 50% off AND I got another 20% off of it! I ended up paying about $36!

I ended up hanging it over the dresser (which is gross and needs to replaced), but I think the mirror looks pretty there. It's sparkly in the room and I'm sure it'll sparkle even more once I wipe all the shopper finger prints off of it! :) So that's the beginning of some wall decor in the guest room. At least now our guests can take a peek at themselves without leaving the room! What do you think? Scored any good home decor deals lately?

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  1. Hi! Found you through YHL, your comment was just a little ways below mine I think :-)

    Had a quick look at your house tour - looking very good! And I love your mirror - especially the way the light is reflecting on the wall :-)

    Take care,


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