Pinterest Challenge - Fall Edition!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Pinterest Challenge time! Yay! Nothing like a challenge to get your blogging booty in gear. If you haven't heard of the Pinterest Challenge it's a fun little virtual challenge that's the brain child of Katie Bower of Bower Power and Sherri Petersik from Young House Love. Every season they challenge people to stop pinning, and start doing and get a couple other bloggers to participate with them, this time Sarah from Ugly Duckling House and Carmel from Our Fifth House are playing along. It's a fun way to get people moving! And it's lots of fun to see all the projects people share.

I worked on a couple Fall themed projects from Pinterest but really this pumpkin tower is the only one that worked out well enough to be worth talking about. I still struggling with a yarn mess from another project! :) I saw a couple cute pumpkin towers on Pinterest that I liked:

Source: via Kristen @ LoveK on Pinterest

The "welcome" version seemed too big for our porch, as well as being too large to store easily. And I wanted to be able to display the pumpkins for the entire Fall season instead of it being Halloween specific so I decided to modify the smaller of the two towers to meet my needs. I'll be honest, this wasn't the cheapest project ever. I think it was around $50 total but I figure since it's something I can use for years to come it's not so bad. I got the pumpkins and leaves at Michael's and the rest of the supplies from Hobby Lobby.

First thing, was painting the terracotta pot that I used as the base of the tower. I just used a high gloss black spray paint. It took several coats to completely cover the orange but that's no biggy.  I used the styrofoam pieces to create a base for the pumpkins to stick to.I just hot glued the pieces together. I decided not to glue the foam to the pot, no real reason I just decided against it. I did shove some plastic bags around the base just to keep the foam stable in the pot. I don't have a picture because it was impossible to see anything other than the top layer of styrofoam.

 The hot gluing continued with the pumpkins. I cut the stems off the bottom two pumpkins and just hot glued them on top of each other.

Then I just put lots and lots of hot glue on the bottom of the pumpkins and stuck the whole thing to the styrofoam.

 After the pumpkins were glued into place, it was time to add some leaves around the base. This is a random note, but these leaves I bought from Michael's smell horrible. I can't even describe the smell but gosh, they were gross. Anyway, I snipped the leaves off into smaller little pieces and just hot glued them around the base of the pumpkins. They covered up the styrofoam that was showing and added a little fluff to the tower.

I placed the tower out on our front porch in place of the plant that was dying, and I think it looks really cute out there!

I love that the porch is decorated for Fall but I won't have to do any decoration switching when Halloween was over. These decorations can take us through Thanksgiving! That's a win in my book! :) Overall this was an easy project to complete. I hope you like it! Make sure you check out the other Pinterest Challenge projects that are linked up on Bower Power, Young House Love, The Ugly Duckling House, and Our Fifth House


  1. Nice! I like that you did not use real pumpkins. I have not seen this before. How you can use it every year.


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