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Monday, November 19, 2012

Our dining room table is in need of some pretty serious attention. I have those serious plans working in my head, but until we get around to them I figured maybe a new centerpiece would tide me over. We'd been living with our table looking like this:

Several different ideas all thrown onto the table. The placemats and napkins have been on the table since we got married, the runner I think got introduced sometime last year, and the basket in the middle just landed there after I took it out of the living room. Things were too crazy for me so I decided to take a simpler approach. I purchased a little ceramic tray from Marshalls and finally found a few candles in my price range at HomeGoods. Candles are crazy expensive! What's the deal with that?! Anyway, I plopped the candles on the tray and put the whole thing in the middle of the table.

I filled in the gaps with a stash of wine corks I was saving for reasons unknown at the time. Seems like that mini hoarding issue worked out for the best! I like the corks as a filler and some of them have little memories written on them like one from my brother's wedding last summer and others from vacation memories. It's fun for them to be out on display.

In the end I decided to just keep the table runner and lose the placemats. They were just taking up too much room in my opinion. Oh, and I added some little plastic red leaves to the filler for some Fall sass in the dining room. It's not much but it gave the room a little holiday cheer.

So that's the quick little dining room update. I'm hoping to tackle the bigger project before Christmas but we'll see how that goes. :-)

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