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Friday, May 13, 2016

I really need to start making headway around this house so I've picked the first room I'm going to spruce up...the dining room. You might think, "huh, that's weird you barely cook!" and while that's true I'm trying to turn over a new "cooking" leaf. And, when Loren and I ranked our house to-do list this room seemed like it had the least to do. :)

This is a picture from the house listing: 

And here's what we're dealing with now: 

Once I knew we were going to buy this house, I had started thinking that I might like to incorporate a little more navy blue into our decor. In the dining room I thought doing a dark blue on the upper portion of the wall and then adding some molding and a white to the bottom would be pretty. Last week while perusing Pinterest I found the perfect "pin" that had the blue I was looking for but a lot of my comfortable beiges.
The picture is from an old post at The Creativity Exchange and I just thought it was awesome! Unfortunately, the fabric pictured is a little too spendy for my budget but I'm hopeful I can find something similar that will work.

Here's the to-do list for the room:
 - paint walls & trim
 - add molding to lower portion of wall
 - purchase rug
 - make/buy curtains
 - purchase chairs (might be the most important thing!)
 - add art/personalization/flare

I actually picked up a rug from Ikea already and like it in the space. Might seem backwards to get the rug first but it's neutral and I was antsy to take out some of the echo in the room! Hopefully I'll be back with some progress next week. Hope you have a good weekend!


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