A Michigan Mother's Day

Monday, May 9, 2016

Over the weekend Loren and I headed to Michigan to celebrate Mother's Day with the important ladies in our lives. We haven't been able to spend Mother's Day with our Moms in at least ten years so it was fun to have the chance. Of course, we had our ever faithful roadtrip companion....

She's so cute. And the best little traveler. The weekend was full of fun. Loren and his Dad went to visit his Grandma. 

Then they met up with my Dad to all go golfing. It seemed like they all had a really great time. All three of them mentioned to me how much fun they had together. Made me smile that they had such a good time as a group. 

While Loren was getting his male bonding time in, I went and got my hair chopped off!! 

I hadn't had a haircut since Christmas and after a slightly dramatic Facebook post on the subject, my lifesaver of a friend/hair stylist Kristy squeezed me in! I think she cut about 4 inches off and I'm loving the fresh do! The picture is one I sent to my sister in an "OMG! Look what I did moment!" :)

That evening my Mom and I picked up my Grandma and us gals went to the Mother-Daughter banquet at Grandma's church. It was nice to spend time with them both. 

Sunday was spent visiting with family and Loren's Mom and I made a trip to the Pottery Barn outlet before we had to head back to Chicagoland. It was a quick and fun weekend. Looking forward to another visit soon! 


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  1. Love your new hairdo!! Looks great! <3 Monica


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