Weekend Review

Monday, May 2, 2016

A quick recap of our weekend...it was a good mix of fun, relaxing, and working.

The Friday fun started by spending the afternoon with my cousin. We hung out in Wicker Park; shopped around and had lunch at Big Star. This was my first time eating at Big Star and I'd heard so much about that my expectations were pretty high...and I have to say, I wasn't that impressed. The tacos were fine, the drinks fine, service was good but it just didn't feel worthy of the hype. Glad we came for a late lunch instead of waiting out the long lines for dinner. I didn't take any pictures because I've grown to feel sort of silly taking pictures of my food. Sorry :)

Friday night Loren and I had decided to spend the night in the city. We still have our apartment until the end of May so we're using it as a hang out spot to crash when we want to. Loren find an amazing job picking a dinner place using my criteria of "good food that's not fried crap, but still not a fancy place" and took me to Ditka's. I didn't really know what to expect but it was perfect! Relaxed atmosphere but DELICIOUS food! I honestly would've gone back every night this weekend. It was that good. Again, no food pics but if you're in the city I'd definitely recommend it. 

The main reason we'd decided to spend a night in the city was because we wanted to go to Draft Town. Of course, Saturday it was cold, windy, and pouring down rain but we went anyway. It was fun and I took lots of pictures with Patriots goodies.

I finally found a hat that's my size! Haha! I have a jumbo sized noggin.

Isn't that the most intimidating face you've ever seen?!

We spent the rest of the weekend just working on the house and trying to get things organized. We brought back a bunch of stuff from our apartment so it was a whole new wave of crap belongings to put away. Thanks for reading this rambling post! Happy Monday!



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