Moving In

Friday, May 6, 2016

Right after our busy trip to Washington, we scheduled movers to come and load up our belongings from storage and deliver them to the new house. It was a crazy, busy day but it was so great to see our stuff after a few months!

The movers did a great job getting everything into the house, and I started unpacking right away. Right away I noticed some damage to a few pieces of furniture but the majority of our stuff arrived in good condition. 

It has to look worse before it gets better right?! My unpacking method is basically to get things out of the boxes and then find places to put it away. I feel like it's easier to clean up when you can see everything instead of just having boxes everywhere.

Things are starting to look better...the garage still has some unpacked boxes, and some items that still need to find a home but in general it's making a little more sense.

Next up is getting some more personal touches up so it feels like we live here. I know the walls need to be painted but we love having pictures up so I'm willing to hang stuff up and take it back down. 

Anyway, wanted to give an update on things. As always, thanks for stopping by!


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